Painting from the Unknown Workshop

Painting from the Unknown Workshop

The Painting from the Unknown workshop, led by Roshi Shinko and assisted by Roshi Shishin, will take place at Maitreya Abbey in the afternoons starting Saturday September 23rd and continue on September 30 and October 7.  The cost of the workshop is $75 for members plus $25 for materials.  For non-members, it would be $125 plus $25 for materials.

Painting from the Unknown is a kind of ‘process painting’  that is based on the zazen practice of ‘not knowing’.  It is also based on the Great Heart Way techniques of staying with one’s feelings without judgment.

The painting workshop will start at 1:00 pm and continue for three hours with breaks as needed..

The painting will help us to get deeper into the Heart of Wisdom (Bodhicitta).  It will also help us to travel through our shadow energy into lighter landscapes.  And it is a lot of fun!!

We will use encouraging words to facilitate the process.  Examples of these words are:

If I were free of judgment, what would I paint?

If I were not afraid of what others would think, what would I paint?

If I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, what would I paint?

If I could express my true feelings openly, what would I paint?

If I would allow myself to feel embarrassment, what would I paint?

The classes will be limited to a maximum of ten people.  If you are interested, please let us know and send in a deposit of $25 to hold you place.