Sesshin Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for sesshins at GMZC. Detailed instructions will be provided to all participants when you arrive.

  • Maintain silence at all times. Pads are provided to write short messages or questions. If a longer conversation is required, ask one of the organizers to consult with you privately.
  • Always be on time to the zendo, or a bit early.
  • You are expected in the zendo for all sittings. Alert one of the teachers or senior students if anything comes up which prevents your participation in any part of the schedule.
  • Do not read or write during sesshin, except for material related to your practice.
  • Keep your appearance and body clean and modest. Avoid distracting clothes, smells, and sounds.
  • Sesshin attendants will take care of windows, fans and heaters, and generally regulate the temperature. If the environment is uncomfortable, alert an attendant.
  • Always leave bathroom doors closed when not in use.
  • All meals and snacks are provided, and are vegetarian. Let us know in advance of special dietary needs or restrictions.